Jess & Meg

Jessica Dorfman Jones and I wrote Relevant, a TV Pilot about two friends who went to high school together. Wonder what our inspiration was…

The Bedbug Problem

Had a wonderful time workshopping The Bedbug Problem by Devin Dearing Preston at the Barrow Group with these lovely bedbugs: Lunie Jules, Chris Campbell, and Bethany James.


Six of Wands

2020 is sponsored by the Six of Wands! What will I do with my newfound wings??

In Love With Night

Delighted to take a crack at a Danish accent in Barrie Kreinik's new play In Love with Night, about the life and times of Eva Le Gallienne, produced by The Bechdel Project at The Dramatists Guild.


Tis the Season

Played the kooky Connecticut mom in Janelle Lawrence's new musical 'Tis the Season at the Cold Read Series at The Artist Co-op!


Chin Pix

I'm just thrilled with these shots by Michelle Chin. We walked along the Highline on the last warm day of the year. This picture captures perfectly how delightful it is to spend time with her.



I recorded some audition songs with the invaluable help of Michael Hicks and James Hansen.

Gilbert & Sullivan

Reading the COMPLETE WORKS of Gilbert and Sullivan with Little Lord…So far Iolanthe is my favorite. Fairies and frogs!



I applied for SURVIVOR!


Game Shows

Back in the rehearsal room with Little Lord (pictured here with the outrageously funny Lisa Clair and Kate Weber)! Category is: GAME SHOWS


Jessica Jones and I ran away from home for a weekend to work on our new TV pilot…

JULY 2019

God of In-Between

God of In-Between

The God of In-Between, book and lyrics by Christopher Wall, music by Howard Fishman, directed by Marina McClure

(photos by Rob Strong)

God of In-Between

I got to sing and shred carrots last week at Voxfest with these wonderful people! Thank you to the wonderfully talented Emma Orme and Christopher Wall (pictured) and Howard and Marina and Brandon Adams and the whole Voxfest family.

JUNE 2019

God of In-Between

I've been building my audition book with Michael Hicks this month and having the time of my life:)

God of In-Between

We had the first read thru of the new musical The God of In-Between by Christopher Wall, music by Howard Fishman, directed by Marina McClure. We will workshop it at Voxfest at Dartmouth next month!

God of In-Between

Thank you thank you thank you David Noles and Anna Malskaya for an amazing day. New headshots coming soon!

MAY 2019


Katie Baldwin Eng and I wrote a TV pilot and it's up on The Black List!

Deirdre, a psychotherapist for the deeply disturbed, and mother of a high school senior, discovers that she is the modern day incarnation of the goddess Demeter and must determine how to harness her powers to save both her daughter and the earth.

Down and Away

"Down and Away," a short film directed by Brian Tracey, is in post-production. Here's a screen shot of me cheering for my son's baseball team.

APRIL 2019


Meet the Rebel Mess! I had a blast recording the irrepressible Kirk Wood Bromley's plays: Midnight Brainwash Revival and American Revolution. Here I'm between takes with the insanely talented (if somewhat motley) crew: Hank Coyote Wagner, Bob Laine, and Josh Hartung.

Coming Soon: I play Meg in the hilarious web series Shrinkage!

An Actress. Her Husband. Their Shrink.
Shrinkage: reminding you that marriage is the meanest thing you could ever do to someone you love.


This is Nick. He plays Danny, my son, in the short film "Down and Away" I shot this weekend. He's awesome.💜

MARCH 2019

Skinnamarink Mouth

(photos by Maria Baranova)

It's a hit and a wrap!

Skinnamarink got soooo much love from NYTimes Critic's Pick & Time Out New York: 4 Stars & New York Stage Review!

Just a few of the wonderful words written about our very whacky show:

"A Dickensian dystopia filtered through the skewed aesthetics of Tim Burton…Skinnamarink proudly flies a purely theatrical freak flag."
"Skinnamarink is a horror show that takes old nostalgic objects and turns them nasty in your mouth. This play will make you feel like a child again, whether you like the taste or not."
"Little Lord tends to make the kind of seeming silliness that worms into your brain and comes out to play long after recess is over."

Skinnamarink Cast

I'm going to miss seeing these guys every day.

Skinnamarink Peanut Butter

Meg by Baranova

Also the incomparable Maria Baranova included the cast in her series "Faces of Downtown Scene"!

Skinnamarink Chorus Line

We open next week!

Little Lord's Skinnamarink at New York Theatre Workshop/Next Door.

Show Info Here

(photo by Maria Baranova)



My 2nd favorite photo from the show!

Rehearsals for Little Lord's Skinnamarink at New York Theatre Workshop's Next Door Series start next week…

Show info here

(photo by Maria Baranova)


Casablanca on the Hudson

Delighted to reunite with the gang from City Girls for a staged reading of Pamela Enz' latest: Casablanca on the Hudson at Dixon Place on January 25th.